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SDI Radio, (About US!)

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       Founded in 2001, Spin Doctors Inc. (S.D.I.) has grown from a personal DJ home name to a worldwide DJ business corporation which now offers a worldwide variety of different Genre's of Music! Within this company, I strive for 3 things, (1. Being the Best at what I do. 2. Making sure that the client is outstandingly pleased and very happy with the decision they made in choosing a S.D.I. DJ/MC for their Event) & (3. Leaving the EVENT in a Positive WOW of Excellence in the minds of our Clients)! 

        Spin Doctors Inc. strives to become one of the worlds most influential DJ/MC company, leading the industry in DJ/MC performance, experience & exposure. We also take your next event up to the next level by (Live Streaming with Audio and Video "Real Time") ****AT THE CLIENTS REQUEST**** so that their event is broadcasted live throughout the world on internet! 

        Spin Doctors Inc. headquarters is based out of the Bronx of New York City, but now It's based out of the state of "Oklahoma".

Please feel free to contact me (David Rivera) EST, from 9 am to 9pm at:

Phone # 1 580 401 4263

Or Email

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