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His Biography:

        I have been in this Profession since 1985 Brought up and taught by (The Universal Zulu Nation),            "DJ Afrika Bambaata", "Kool DJ Red Alert" and has the charisma of "The Kid Capri".

       From 1986 to 1995 "DJ Psycho D" was spinning at "Park Concerts" and "Zulu Nation Anniversaries"! Then decided he wanted to make this DJ Gig (full time). So he put out mixed tapes: "Bring Back The Old School, Vol.I & II, Frontline, The Product, The Anthem II & III, & The R&B Experience I – IV". Psycho D was offered to play on the radio at: "WRTM 93.5 FM" where he remained on the air straight for 5 years in the early 90’s. He then made his new mix CD titled: "My Tyme To Shine" which put him in a position to play at The Legendary "Skate Key" in the Bronx two months later. During that time another spot was offered to him at Baruch College radio station "590"AM in the late 90’s. He took that offer on while continuing with "Skate Key" and at the same time was also holding down the club, "Blackthorn". He continued on in the club scene, playing at: Club Demeraras, Club Vertical, Club 49 Central in New Jersey and Club Fat Boys for the album release party of Royal Flush on 14th St./9th Ave. in Manhattan. He has also done guest spots in the year 2000 - 2010 at various club and radio spots all over the country. DJ Psycho D also holds a show once a year in Bronx River Houses on 174th street in the Bronx. The show is called, "Bring Back Da Old School, Bring Back Da Flava", which has had a "Major Positive Impact" to his name. The people that came to his presentations were: "Kool DJ Red Alert", "Bugsy The Mike Wrecka", DJ Jazzy Jay, DJ Charlie Chase and female DJ extraordinaire, "Cocoa Chanelle" and of course Afrika Bambaata. He has done these type of showcases there since 1992.

       It’s 2019, a New Year and New beginning with "SDI Radio" and our DJ Company, Professional Disc Jockey and MC’s.

(Changing The Way We see and hear Music and bringing the World Together Thru Music... It's OUR WAY)

Instagram: The_Original_DJ_Psycho_D

Twitter:  DJ_Psycho_D

Email is:

Mother's Day Tribute Part 1

Mother's Day Tribute Part 2

POW Wow, DJ  Psycho D & Ceelo
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