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Tony Stewart aka DJ Bamboo was born and raised in Brooklyn N.Y. from Marlboro houses and Coney Island I started djayin at a very young age back in 1980 and have over 40 years experience. The crazy thing is i was never taught i learned to Dj by just standing there watching other Dj’s spin at block parties and different events. I grew up listening to DJ’s like DJ Kool DJ Red alert and Chuck Chillout Kid Capri Jazzy Jeff and of course my big brother the world famous DJ Supreme So i can say i’m defiantly proud to be part of the hip hop 50 era. As i got older i have done a number of house & block parties all over Brooklyn and in my early 20s i moved to Norfolk virginia and ran into the right people who introduced me to a club owner and for the next 7 years i started djayin in clubs all over virginia then after that i moved back to NY but this time i was upstate and started doing clubs up there  I also started spinning on a radio station for the first time.
So  much has happened in my life that has me become wiser, stronger and the man/Pro DJ you see now. Yes i'm back on the scene now with a whole new plan and a  whole new Team, "Team SDI" from (SDI Radio/Spin Doctors Inc). There is more to be said, but hey you have to start somewhere "just don't stop"

Unboxing My New PioneerDJ DDJ SX

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