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     Tyree Pressley formerly known as The Grandmaster Supreme now known as the World Famous DJ Supreme and here is my story.. I started playing records in 1970, I started DJing because of my Mentor's, "DJ Smokie & Lucky" and they were on Grant Avenue. Now in 1974 I created playing music by BPM in 1972 with Pete DJ Jones, he played his music by half beat per minute, I did mines every beat within a minute DJ's back in the days didn't understand how I blend beats then started cutting. While everybody was at the Disco fever I was at the P&P club down the block from it. I was also at Pete (DJ Jones) other Club called, Pete's Lounge on 164 & Ogden Ave. Then i was doing Parties with Pete (DJ Jones) at the Stardust Ballroom with LuvBug Starski who was Also from Forest Projects.

     Fat Hank from The Sugarhill Gang was my manager, he was managing me and Grandmaster CAZ before the cold crush Brothers came up. He used to own the club up the block from 371 and it was called "The Subway". Back then me and Grand Wizard Theodore, DJ Magic Mike, my brother DJ Hutch, became the Fantastic Partners and that was before the L Brother's and the Fantastic 4 plus 1 more. When I was The Grandmaster Supreme, me and the Grand wizard Theodore battled  DJ Kool Herc at the Galaxy 2000 on University avenue in the Bronx during the year 1977 and then in the '80s mean Gene from the L Brothers got a hold of me and gave me my light in the Ecstasy Garage there were two of the E. Garages.


    And this part right here, goin back into my history, Life wasn't always so good I was in and out of the group homes that's how I got my name  in a group home in Brooklyn New York. I met The Grandmaster Flowers he's the one that gave me the name The Grandmaster Supreme.... Like I said about the group homes they shipped me back to the Bronx, then Disco King Mario took me out of Beach avenue group home with my mother's permission. I miss my Big Brother and so Happy to have the Chuck Chuck City Awards. 

    Then I moved over to West Kingsbridsge and Sedgewick ave. That's where me and Grand Wizard Theodore would meet up to practice and that's where we would go hard with DJ kid Capri on the microphone he wasn't a DJ yet, history is a monster there's more to the story but I have to protect others. But thru all this, I traveed the World Representing Forest Projects and The BRONX.....

    Now I'm Live on "SDI Radio" with My Traffic Jam Shows from 5pm - 8pm EST.


Youtube: Tyree Pressley

The Original (Bird Man).. 

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Tyree Pressley

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